In adopting this unusual octagon shape for the Chapter House, , whose foundation stone was laid in 1906, Scott replaced his own original design which followed the larger lines, size and shape of the Lady Chapel.

It was erected by the Freemasons of West Lancashire in memory of the first Earl of Lathom.

The final, simplified design incorporates a unique domed ceiling made of concrete which has a circular gallery below it, resting on stone peditives, thus reducing the apparent height of the interior. Its small but beautiful windows above the wainscot are by William Morris & Co and take the form of large sculptured coats of arms. The floor design is of various coloured marbles, radiating out from a circular panel of Rosso Antico.

Gather round

The fixed seating arrangement around its perimeter reflects the historic relevant rankings of the clergy and other members of Chapter and the focus is the fairly simple, plain altar, with a small marble carving by Edward Carter Preston. The altar, unusually, is situated directly opposite its entrance on the north elevation of the chapel rather than the usual eastern direction. Above the altar, forming a more 'modern' reredos than in the other parts of the building, is the painting by Craigie Aitchinson RA entitled 'Calvary 98' commissioned with a grant from the Arts Lottery Fund and dedicated to the Cathedral in 1998.