The single, massive Vestey Tower, named after its benefactors, the Vestey family, replaced the original twin-tower concept for the Cathedral after going through several design iterations. It has a floor to top height of 101m (331ft).

Tower Experience

Open to the public most days, it is accessible by two consecutive lifts followed by 108 stairs.

Our new lifts can transport visitors to the top even more quickly so that they can spend more time enjoying the view.

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How many people does it take to change a light bulb?

Well, in our case – more than one! The huge chains used to lower the great central chandeliers (965kg/19cwt each) to the Cathedral floor (over 52m/170ft) can be seen just before you enter the second lift - just to change the bulbs! It takes a team of at least 5 people and a whole day to carry out this skilful operation.

The journey from the 2nd stage lift brings you to the bell tower itself from where you begin ascending 108 steps. This chamber houses the highest (67m/219ft) and heaviest (31.5tonnes/31 tons) ringing peal of church bells in the world.

The main roof section (101m/ 300 ft) above ground floor level and over 150m(500ft) above sea level offers panoramic views across the city as it spreads like a giant jigsaw of buildings, roads, parks and other landmarks.

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