Coming into the building by the great West Doors you will see the lowered floor of the Nave which is known as the Well. Moving further into the Cathedral you enter the awesome central space which is the main floor of the Cathedral which leads up to the Chancel and High Altar.

The Nave (Well)

The Cathedral's Nave (known as the Well) is a lowered area of the Cathedral where on formal occasions the Chapter will process from. On one side of the well you have the great West Doors above which is Tracy Emin's installation. This is dwarfed by the magnificent Benedicite Window. Facing into the Cathedral you can see the central space through the arch of the Dulverton Bridge. The Well is often used for exhibitions (including Icons in Transformation in early 2010), events and occasions. It can seat up to 400 people.

The Central Space

The magnificent central space of the Cathedral stretches east from the bridge towards the choir and the high altar. The central space dominates your view of the Cathedral and its enormity gives an impression of the Cathedral architect's vision of our relationship with God. In the centre of the floor stands a memorial to the architect, Giles Gilbert Scott.

The central space of the Cathedral has witnessed a huge variety of services, occasions and events over the years with audiences and congregations ranging from very few in number to more than 2,000, experiencing tremendous fulfilment, delight, enjoyment and deep spirituality in this Great (Central) Space, and they will continue to do so as the Cathedral continues to open its doors to an ever increasing variety of worship and celebration services, special events and exhibitions.