Give the gift of Hope+ this Christmas


Get involved with the Hope+ Christmas #giftofHope+ campaign

Hope+ is appealing to the generous people of Liverpool again this Christmas. It is a time of year that can be difficult for individuals and families who are already managing on extremely tight budgets. Cold weather increases fuel bills that can push many families into food poverty, leaving them with the awful dilemma of choosing between heating and eating.

Nadine Daniel, Hope+ Project Manager, said “We provide support for everyone who needs it. We see people from all over the city of Liverpool and from all over the world. People find themselves in need for so many different reasons from local people who have fallen on hard times to refugees fleeing war zones. Our guests have originated from over 90 different countries, making it ‘a world in one foodbank’. We offer a warm welcome, safety and support to all.”

Hope+ Foodbank, named after the street that connects both Cathedrals has, since opening in February 2013, now provided a grand total of 23,000 food parcels to people in need.

The recent refugee crisis has pushed the number of people in crisis up so extra supplies and donations are much needed at this time of year. Nadine continues “At this time of year I would ask people to remember that Jesus himself was a refugee as a baby. It is a little known fact that at least 40% of our volunteers at Hope+ are actually refugees claiming asylum. They want to give something back and help us, the people who helped them.”

Last year Hope+ received a spike in donations at Christmas time. Nadine said “I want to thank the people of Liverpool so much for their continuing support. The generosity found in this city is like nowhere else. I truly believe we wouldn’t have achieved half as much in a different city. It is the human kindness found here that makes us so blessed. I am hopeful that this Christmas we will experience the same bighearted show of compassion.”

The Foodbank Christmas shopping list can be found below. You can make your donation of non-perishable food items, toiletries, and clothes in the collection boxes in Liverpool Cathedral, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Quaker Meeting House, and Liverpool Parish Church.

To make a cash donation contact 0151 702 7237 or email: