Tear and Repair

War Memorial Chapel 04th October 2021

10:00 AM - 18:00 PM


Join us for Tear & Repair, an exhibition of the woven stories of five remarkable woman.

ear and Repair started in April 2019 when Textile Artist Nicola Moody received funding from Arts Council England. The project began with a period of research and preparation and lead to Nicola running a series of Textile Art workshops within Azalea, a Luton based Christian charity open to everyone, who are committed to helping all involved with commercial sexual exploitation.

During the workshops participants were invited to share their personal narratives, with Nicola using textiles and textiles techniques to represent a part or all of each participants story. As a result, Nicola has created 5 woven artworks that are available to view at Liverpool Cathedral between 4 - 17 October.

Accompanying the exhibition is a community weave that allows visitors to try out weaving for themselves, as well as photo books that unpack the stories of the participants in more detail, and a supporting film.

Please note this event is open in line with our daily Cathedral opening times, which are listed here