In order for your pupils to have a more memorable visit to the cathedral, workshops must be booked alongside a guided tour.

KS2 workshops:

Many of the workshops for KS2 can be adapted very successfully for KS1 children - please see below for details.

In addition to our annual programme of popular activites such as Remembrance, Advent  and Easter Themed days, we have a range of activities that your school can choose to do on a one-off visit.

Stained Glass Window workshop.  KS1 and KS2

Discover the importance of stained glass windows and each pupil can design and make their own to take back to school.

50 mins - £2.25 per child.

Vestments workshop. KS1 and KS2

Pupils hear a talk about the Cathedral's vestments and have a chance to wear some specially made children's outfits before processing in the Cathedral to the sound of the organ.

50 mins - £2.25 per child.

Tower Experience. Year 6 and above only

For year 6+: Unforgettable views of the city and even Blackpool’s Big Dipper from the top of the Tower. Please note: the Tower Experience must be booked in conjunction with a guided tour.

At least 50 mins - £4 per child.

Baptism workshop. KS1 and KS2 up to Year 3

Pupils will learn about the ceremony and take part in a Baptism using a doll, which they will name and choose Godparents.

50 mins - £2.00 per child.

Eucharist workshop. KS2 - Years 5 and 6

Pupils will be given the opportunity to think about what the Eucharist means, why it happens and the symbolism surrounding it. They will be able to view some of the artefacts used in Communion services at the Cathedral.

50 mins - £2.00 per child.

Icons workshop. KS1 (Year 2) and KS2

Pupils will see a range of both traditional and modern icons and create their own. The aim is to enable pupils to understand that icons have a hidden meaning which can aid prayer.

50 mins - £2.25 per child.

Kitty Wilkinson Experience. KS1 and KS2

Children will have an opportunity to meet Kitty in costume, hear her story and ask her questions.  They will also be shown her window and grave. They will make a Kitty Wilkinson stained glass window.

2 hours - £3.75 per pupil

Cathedral Pilgrimage. KS2 

Children will have the opportunity to cover key topics including baptism, holy communion and discipleship. They will explore, reflect and be given opportunities to encounter God as they take part in their own interactive spiritual journey in the UK’s largest cathedral.  

90 mins - £2.00 per child