The Rule of Life was developed to help people organise their lives around some key spiritual principles. Being a disciple on the Rule of Life means being on an inner journey – to Pray, Read, Learn; and an outer journey – to Tell, Serve Give.

Being a disciple means feeding ourselves spirtually through praying, reading and learning; our inner journey. It then means responding in action through telling, serving and giving; our outer journey.


When we take the inner journey we respond to God’s sending love, and we are not alone

In prayer, as Jesus tells us, we enter the secret place to meet the One he called Father, who draws us close, who sees what is done in secret, who fills us with life.

In reading the Bible we meet the inspired writers who point us to God, and we meet those who have interpreted their words over the centuries so that we can read with love and understanding.


In learning the faith we meet the people God has given us in the church, parish, school, fresh expression or chaplaincy; we meet them and learn from them how to live


When we take the outer journey we respond to God’s sending love, and we are not alone

In telling of Jesus we meet our friends who do not know him, as one by one we bring them to meet him for themselves, to know his love for them, and to be led by Him to his Father, their Father.

In serving others we meet their needs as we meet the people themselves, connecting with them in the struggle for justice and dignity, doing the many things God gives us to do with and for them to help and love them more.

In giving our lives we take our place among the hundreds of millions of people who bear the name of Christ worldwide, and among the more than sixty thousand people who are actively connected to our diocese. 

You can take your discipleship steps with support on how to Pray, Read, Learn, Tell Serve, Give at